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The Best of Morocco holidays

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All Inclusive Holidays to Morocco

As specialist tour operators, we (The Best of Morocco Ltd) put together tailor made holidays to Morocco for individuals or small groups (families, friends) which would normally include:-


We can help you select the hotels and riads / resorts from our large range which are appropriate for you and your desired style of holiday. Call us by telephone for advice and general queries (00212 617 393 665 or 00 44 1242 77 6500), or email us.


Prices quoted on this website will normally include return scheduled Flights from the UK (Heathrow or Gatwick) with Royal Air Maroc (Atlas Blue) - as noted by the price. We can also arrange flights provided by other airlines, including the lowcost ones, or you can provide your own flights. (We are based in the U.K but are happy to provide our services worldwide).

It is possible to fly from one airport and return to another e.g. RAM from Heathrow and return to Gatwick. It is also possible to fly into one airport e.g. Marrakech and return from another e.g. Fes, Agadir or Ouarzazate. However, flights should be with the same airline travelling to and from Morocco, otherwise the fares can increase dramatically.


Single destination / hotel

Accommodation for a minimum of 3 nights at any of the hotels featured on our website ??? let us know if you are looking for a particular hotel. We do not recommend stays of less than 3 nights.

Multi-centre holidays

We will arrange any combination of hotels throughout Morocco, ensuring of course that the travelling time between each place allows you a reasonable amount of time to make the change worthwhile. We will be pleased to discuss the logistics and travelling times between places. For example, we do not recommend driving from Marrakech to Zagora (desert) in one day or from Erfoud to Taroudant as the Distances are too great both for allowing you to enjoy the scenery and for safety.


Transfers on arrival from the airport to your first hotel / riad and on departure from hotel to airport. These transfers are arranged by taxis or mini-bus. Transfers can also be arranged between hotels / resorts when you stay at more than one hotel / resort.

Car hire

Self-drive or chauffeur driven Car Hire are available.

We will be pleased to provide English-Speaking drivers, however it must be noted that a driver cannot be considered a guide though he will have a basic knowledge of the country but cannot be depended upon for accurate or historical information. Whether you self-drive or have a driver, fuel is NOT INCLUDED in the rental price.


We can arrange activities such as Camel Treks, Walking Treks in the High Atlas Mountains, Moroccan cooking courses, the ropes slides and Gorge monkey bridges at the Eco Adventure Park, Surfing, Ballooning, desert camps, star gazing/astronomy, and far more, as part of an overall inclusive itinerary. If you are holidaying in Morocco for a particular activity please consult our advisors.


Train (and ferry) is an interesting way to travel to Morocco, and taking longer can be more relaxing than the flights - see our train/ferry trip. We can plan and book this, along with hotel stays on the way and/or overnights on the train.

In Morocco, trains are reasonably comfortable and offer an inexpensive means of transport. We can help you plan your itinerary, but it is not possible to purchase the tickets outside of Morocco / significantly in advance. If you plan to use trains (ONCF website) within Morocco which connect Fes, Marrakech, Casablanca and Tangier, you will need to buy your own tickets or ask the concierge at your hotel to get them for you. Our Train And Bus page has more information.


There are a variety of bus routes linking the major towns of Morocco, and this is a way to get closer to the daily life of the Moroccans. It is not possible to buy the tickets outside Morocco or much before the date of travel, but your hotel/a guide can help. Our Train And Bus page has more information.


As a small specialist operator to Morocco, we work with individuals or small gatherings of friends or family. We can help book entire riads to ensure your group has the privacy and freedom of an entire area.

Own flights

If you book your own flights, we will normally need to book a minimum of 7 nights accommodation for you. As we are "consolidators" RAM, we are able to include reduced fares from London to all airports in Morocco.


We are often asked to help arrange weddings and receptions for large parties and for guests travelling to Morocco from various parts of the world. Getting married in Morocco is not easy nor straightforward. Jewish, Muslim and Roman Catholic weddings are possible but, but we are not able to make the wedding arrangements. More information on our Honeymoons And Weddings page.

Coach tours

We do occasionally have escorted coach tours for those who prefer this type of holiday - please let us know if you are interested. The vast majority of our clients do prefer our tailor made itineraries which can cover the same routes as the traditional coach tours ('The South', 'Imperial Cities' and 'Best of Morocco'), while being more rewarding than travelling with 40 or 50 other people and offering a much greater choice of traditional accommodation.

Other hotels

As our staff personally visit all of the accommodation we feature and recommend, we prefer not to make reservations at other hotels. However, if you have been recommended a particular hotel or location, please talk to our advisors who can make arrangements with that hotel or suggest more suitable alternatives.

It is also possible for you to make your own arrangements for a segment of a more complex itinerary arranged by us.

Conference & incentive groups

We can arrange accommodation for small groups and general activities (see above). For larger groups, or specialist team-building activities, we have found that it is probably better for a corporate organisations to contact specialists in this area.