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Museums to visit in Morocco

Moulay Idriss Tomb

Take a break from the frenetic souks to experience the treasures housed in the various museums of Morocco.

Quite apart from the many arts, archaeological find and natural science artefacts housed in these museums, the buildings themselves are often wonderful examples of the Moroccan architecture through the ages.

The location of Morocco at the tip of North Africa has given it a rich history from prehistoric to Roman and the berber and arab civilizations.

For much more detail about these museums see the museums pages of


Bert Flint
Celebrating the art and popular traditions of the Souss and Sahara regions. Contains clothing, jewellery, armoury, musical instruments and (of course) carpets.
Dar Si Said
Moroccan art: clothing, jewellery, armoury and metal goods. The museum itself is Moorish decoration, and cedar wood. There is a collection of carpets and door and window frames.
Situated in the garden of the same name (which itself is very much worth a visit), this is the former studio of Jacques Majorelle, containing islamic art.


A weapo0ns museum housed in a 16th century fortress.
Dar Batha
Traditional art from Fes located in a Hispano-Moorish palace. A pottery room displaying the traditional cobalt based blue motifs on white enamel. Sculptors, carpets, embroidery and jewellery.


Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
Regional art, local (Gnaoua) music and an ethnographic collection.


This is the national collection, including neanderthals, neolithic, 8 and 9th century items. Pottery, jewellery and bronzes.
Housed in a 17th century lodge with a lovely garden. Illuminated Korans, carpet, pottery and musical instruments.
Natural Science
A sauropod dinosaur skeleton found in the High Atlas.
Postal museum
Collections of Moroccan stamps and other postal related items.