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Holidays in the Souss Massa

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The Souss Massa

The Souss Massa National Park opened in 1991 and is probably the most important birdwatching site in Morocco. It extends along the banks of the River Massa which spills into the Atlantic just south of the Village of Sidi Rbat. The original purpose of the nature reserve was to preserve the endangered Bald Ibis (Morocco is home to half of the world population of this fascinating bird which has a pink bald head). The best time of year for bird enthusiasts is February, March, April and September to November.

A sand-bank blocks the mouth of the Massa forming a lake which is connected to the Atlantic only during high tides. Enormous sand dunes run along the southern edge of the lake while the northern shore is fringed with mud banks and flat areas covered with glassworts.

Bird watching

The river holds a large population of coots and ducks with most of the European species present and there are some of the more unusual ones such as the Ruddy Shelduck, Marbled Duck, Red-crested Pochard and Ferruginous Duck. Near the mouth of the river can be found gulls (lesser Black-backed and Yellow-legged Herring Gulls, Audouin's and Little Gulls) as well as Caspian and Sandwich Terns. The many birds at the site attract several raptors and Marsh Harrier, Tawny, Booted and Bonelli's Eagles and Peregrine and Barbary Falcons can be seen regularly.

During the Spring months, one can see Swallows heading north. In December you may see Great Spotted Cuckoos, Pallid Swifts, Hoopoes, Red-rumped Swallows, House Martins and Reed Warblers. In February/March, one is likely to see Little Bittern, Night Squacco and Purple Herons, Glossy Ibis, Spoonbill, Spotted and Baillon's Crakes, Gull-billed Tern, Bee-eater, Black-eared wheatear and various warblers, including Olivaceous, Spectacled and Sub-Alpine.

Another region of interest for bird enthusiasts is the lagoon at Oualidia.

Other Wildlife

Among the mamals that are common in the Massa are Algerian Hedgehog, Brown Hare, Barbary Ground-squirrell, Jackal, Red Fox, Weasel, Egyptian Mongoose and African Wild Cat. Amphibians and reptiles are plentiful and include Green Toad, Edible Frog, Stripe-necked Terrapin, Helmeted, Dwarf and Moorish Geckos, Bibron's Agama, Ocellated, Orange-tailed and Senegal Skinks and Rough and Leopard Lizards.


Accommodation in Massa

Ksar Massa

Ksar Massa

in Massa

Ideal for those seeking relaxation, sea-bathing, walks through the National Park and fishing excursions.

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