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Map Of Morocco - Google Earth

Google offer a free download that gives 3 dimensional imagery of the Earth. Best of Morocco have plotted the locations of destinations and accommodation in Morocco so that they can be found on Google earth.

  1. If you have not already downloaded Google Earth, get it from the Google Earth introduction page
  2. If your computer will open KML files in Google Earth then click on this file of Google Earth Morocco markers. If you just get a window full of text, close it and follow the rest of these instructions, otherwise you should now be looking at Morocco.
  3. Right click on the this file of Google Earth Morocco markers and select 'Save Target as' or 'save link as'
  4. Save it to a place you can find again easily.
  5. Start Google Earth
  6. In the Google Earth File menu select 'Open'
  7. Locate the 'best_of_morocco.kml' file that you saved earlier
  8. You should now be presented with Morocco complete with markers. You can double click on a marker to zoom in to it.
  9. Note: Not all of the locations we have plotted are exactly accurate. Do not use them to navigate to your destination, instead we include full instructions for finding your hotel in your holiday pack where needed.