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Hotel Kasbah Mohayut in Merzouga - Overnight In Deep Desert

Deep Desert

Those prepared to dispense with the relative comfort of the luxury bivouacs can take the opportunity to venture further into the desert for this overnight stay in the dunes.

Arrive at the hotel by 4 o'clock for a 1 and a half hour camel trek into the desert to reach the tent and your evening meal. Wake to see the sunrise and return to the hotel for breakfast at 8 a.m.

The deep desert camp (Mohayut camp No. 1) has 6 tents and a toilet.

We were lucky in that there were only two of us on the camel trek, although we were joined by a third client at the bivouac camp. Great experience, all that was promised - a comfortable bed, excellent food, good conversation (and stories and songs and jokes) round campfire, and clear, starry sky. Sunrise fabulous. Sandstorm on the way up somewhat challenging but very exciting. Return journey much less windy and stunning views. Our guide Hassan was perfect. This was the highlight of the holiday for us. D.P. Mar 2010
Fabulous. Mohammed, our guide, was a trip highlight. He was funny and patient and friendly and full of interesting observations about the world of travelers and his beloved desert. We had the great fortune of having a small camp to ourselves and a full moon under a clear sky. Truly memorable and magic. Rating: 5 out of 5. B.G. Jan 2010
Absolutely wonderful. Our guides were so kind and fun. We had the best food out in the desert. How did they do it. Great fun. J.N. Nov 2009
The staff were again amazing, friendly and helpful. The camel ride was fun (although a little less comfortable than I expected, resulting in a very John Wayne-esk dismount!!) and the berber music as we ate really gave a good sense of ambience to the evening. R.M. Nov 2009
Good fun, the guides were great, and the camels uncomfortable! (we didn't expect anything else!) It was a good experience. Aug 2009. S.J
I was so eager to trek I forgot I never rode a horse in my life, let alone a camel for an hour! My camel is Jimi Hendrix, very steady with his beats. It satisfied my Sahara dreams since 1985, under the darkest sky dotted with bright stars, curling myself up in a sea of sand. Magical. The meal took a bit too long to prepare - 2 1/2 hours, Jonathan almost fell asleep except his hope for a bottle of wine on the make-shift table kept him awake. He forgot it's a Muslim country!!!! Jonathan slept on the sand outside the tent! Just loving it. K.P. September 2009
Very exciting, especially getting caught in a sandstorm. Sunrise over the dunes will be a sight we wont forget in a hurry. J.A. September 2008
This was excellent. Not having been on a camel before I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonably comfortable 'saddle' they had. The Berber tent was really good. We were slightly separate from the main group there being just two tents. The evening meal was excellent. G.P. April 2008
We were under-prepared for the night, given a fierce sandstorm which almost blew our bivouak away and covered us in fine sand. Warm clothing, torches and a lighter (for candles) are essential. The camel rides were great fun and the whole experience was an unforgettable adventure. T.S. February 2008
Great fun. Really well organised and a fantastic way to spend new year. A nice suprise to find proper mattress and sheets!..and lots of blankets. J.C. Jan 2008
We just loved this camel trek! The camels were very sweet natured and the experience of being in the middle of the desert was amazing. C.S. Aug 2007
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