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Hotel Kasbah du Toubkal in Imlil - Toubkal Lodge

Toubkal Lodge

Toubkal Lodge

The Kasbah provides accommodation in Imlil with the creature comforts that we increasingly take for granted and enjoy all the more after being out in the fresh mountain air. Until recently, though, trekking further out and staying overnight in the Toubkal Massif has meant either camping or staying in a local house which whilst a wonderful experience is not for everyone.

Remote Lodge

The Toubkal Lodge enables guests to stay right in the heart of the spectacular Atlas Mountain without having to compromise on accommodation. Its architectural style is such that it complements the environment of the surrounding villages which welcomes its presence in their valley. It is located in the village of Id Issa in the Azzaden valley, a half/full days trek (depending on route) from the Kasbah du Toubkal. The valley of Azzaden is truly spectacular and very traditional. The Lodge is very comfortable, offering similar levels of facilities to the Kasbah's Garden House.

Remote Lodge

The Toubkal lodge has 3 bedrooms with full facilities (en-suite rooms, shared balcony and lounge). The full day trek (4-6 hours, depending on the route) includes a picnic lunch. You will be accompanied by a guide and a muleteer/cook, and have your own mule to ride if required.

As with the Kasbah, the owners have formed a Village Association to carry out Community projects in the area. Many local villagers were involved during the building of this lodge and it is a very welcomed development in the valley.