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Holiday Destinations - The South

Hotels of the South

Whilst most travellers in the Sahara are pleasantly surprised at seeing modern well equipped hotels in such remote places with swimming pools, night clubs, tennis courts and some quite astonishingly impressive buildings, we must point out that the standards of 4-star hotels (only a few are really worthy of their 4-star rating - others "should" be reassigned 3-star status) in the south should not be compared with those in larger cities. The vast majority of visitors to these areas are members of tours and usually spend one night at each place which of course lessens the quality and standard of food and service. Nevertheless, you should not miss the south for the sake of an occasional indifferent waiter or meal. On occasion, for example an hotel may be unable to provide tomato juice for your bloody Mary because of sporadic deliveries to remoter regions; the water for your shower may not be as hot as you would like it; and when the wind blows in the south it spreads sand and dust and this can make any building look scruffy. The service, though generally very friendly, can be lacking in an understanding of urgency or the finer points of life that we tend to take for granted. They are trying very hard and are anxious to please, so do bear in mind that tourism is relatively novel in this part of the world.

Most (not all) return from the south impressed and fulfilled.

The South