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Fes Music Festival

Fes Music Festival Logo

Every June the City of Fes hosts the "International Festival of Sacred Music" with concerts each afternoon and evening as well as meetings and evening gatherings of the Moroccan Soufi Brotherhood, exhibitions and film shows. The concerts are held at three venues, Bab Makina, the Bath Museum and at Volubilis (1 hour from Fes).

Never have human beings seemed so close to one another.

The ascent of new technologies has allowed men and women from all continents and civilizations to be ever more accessible to each other.

However, this greater proximity does not fully contribute to the understanding and harmony one might expect. Even the luminaries that have brightened the history of humanity seem at times threatened to be extinguished, along with the hope for a truly peaceful and welcoming global village.

Our world calls for more wisdom than ever before.

Some men and women of diverse cultures and traditions have known how to give form to this vision through their own personal paths, those of art, of science, or of religion. They see themselves within this universal context where the meeting of differences is a source of richness.

The Festival of World Sacred Music, held in the city of Fes which is the cradle of cultural and spiritual life, works to celebrate diversity and dialogue and hopes to offer inspiration for the challenges of the future that lie before us.

Please see the festival website for more details including the programme and prices - (opens in a new window)

Any of the riads and hotels we feature in Fes make a good base from which to enjoy the festival - for a list see our page about Fes.

Essaouira Gnaoua Music Festival

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