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Moroccan Currency

The currency used in Morocco is the Moroccan Dirham, often abbreviated as Dh.

The exchange rates fluctuates, at the time of writing one pound is worth approximately 13.8 Dirhams; One Euro is closer to 11 Dirhams.

By law you are not allowed to import or export Moroccan Dirhams. Foreign currency may be exchanged at the Bureau de Change at the airport on arrival, at a bank or at your hotel. Always keep the exchange receipt form of each transaction as it will be required when converting Dirhams back into Sterling when leaving Morocco. A rule of thumb is not to exchange too much money at one time.

Almost all Hotels normally exchange money at the same rate as banks and do not charge a commission. However, do not expect a small hotel in the south, for example, to change £250 without prior notice.

Most hotels and reputable shops will accept major credit cards - VISA, Master Card and American Express. Even in the markets when buying such things as carpets, leather or any other major item, certain cards may be accepted. Maestro and other cards are less widely accepted. VISA and Mastercard can be used in ATM's (found in the larger cities) and in some, but not all, hotels, restaurants and shops. Please note that it is now difficult or impossible to change Travellers Cheques in Morocco.

It is usually helpful to tell your bank you will be using your card abroad, and maybe take several cards in case one bank doesn't listen!