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Carbon Offsetting

Palm And Kasbah

Make a difference to climate change

Climate change is set to be the major issue of our generation. With the impact of climate change becoming increasingly obvious, governments have realised the need for urgent action. However, treaties and legislation alone will not save the planet, we all have a vital role to play in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere.

One way we can all help is by using energy more wisely and as a result reducing the amount of greenhouse gases - particularly carbon dioxide - emitted into the atmosphere. Another is to contribute towards schemes that offset the impact of your personal travel. Travelling to Morocco and back by aeroplane on average produces just under a tonns of CO2 for the 2,900 mile trip. The cost of offsetting this is currently £16.15, although if you register your donation as eligible for gift aid, this is reduced to £12.60. Best of Morocco supports Pure ( as a charity accredited to government "Gold" standard for its work in carbon offsetting, however please feel free to choose any recognised scheme.