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Caravanserai Hotel in Marrakech - Spa Treatments

Beauty Parlour
Beauty Parlour

Benefit from Morocco's sensual smells.

A variety of traditional Morocan treatments using 100% natural essential oils.

To avoid disappointment we suggest you book treatments in advance at the reception.

For a luxurious private moment allow us to prepare you the ultimate relaxing bath experience. We will fill your bathroom with flickering candles and your bath with essential oils and rose petals.

Or otherwise treat yourselves to our half and full day spa treatments entirely devoted to your well-being.

Essential oils fragrance: orange flower water, jasmine, citronella, Dadés Rose, amber/musk.


Hammam Beldi and Massage

Traditional exfoliating treatment using olive black Soap with essential oils (made with traditional hammam's glove), Ghassoul wrap (herbs with traditional Moroccan clay), traditional savonage. Massage of your choice (except Shiatsu).
750dh for 1 hour (30 minutes hammam, 30 minutes massage)

Aromatherapy massage

Massages therapy traveled on across the land to ancient Greece where it was used as a remedy for many ailments.

From Greece on to Rome and to Persia now the full body massage became popular to loosen stressed muscles, relax nervous tension, relives pain and increase the circulation of the blood.

Argan oil facial gentle massage

300dh for 30 minutes

Swedish Massage

Classic massage technique of gentle manipulation of muscles , improves circulation and flexibility, eases muscle aches and tensions, and creates relaxation.
550dh for 1 hour


Ancient Chinese technique using pressure point massage (usually on the feet) to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.
550dh for 45 minutes


Acupressure massage technique, developed in Japan, applying pressure to specific points in the body, to stimulate and unblock the meridians-channels in the body
750dh for 1 hour

Indian head massage

300dh for 30 minutes

Beauty treatments

Argane Oil is a Moroccan oil originating from the Argan tree (native to the surrounding region of Essouira and Agadir). It is a hydrating and very powerful anti-wrinkle treatment.

Facial Oriental

Chick pea powder exfoliating treatment using radiance mask (natural Moroccan herb blending), Argan oil massage
500dh for 1 hour


Complete legs: 300dh
Half legs: 200dh
Bikini: 150dh
Eye brows: 100dh
Upper lip: 100dh
Under arms: 150dh

Manicure / pedicure

Oriental manicure: 300dh
Oriental pedicure: 350 dh


Rose petals and essential oils bath: 150 dh

Prices correct as of September 2008